Auckland Residential Apartments Building Manager 

Auckland Apartments Facility Manager 

Auckland Building Management Services

Dear Investors and Property Owners

Auckland City-Living Management Ltd has been appointed by the owner’s committee to manage:

  • Aura Apartments, 53 Cook Street (204 apartments)
  • Harbour Green Apartments, 11 Union Street (131 apartments)
  • Sugar Tree – Prima, 27 Union Street (148 apartments + commercials)
  • Sugar Tree – Centro, 145 Nelson Street (259 apartments + commercials)
  • Sugar Tree – Altro, 147 Nelson Street (330 apartments including commercials)
  • Knightsbridge & Santa Fe Apartment – 21 Day Street (26 apartments)

We aim to protect and enhance the value of the buildings practically and economically. We also assist the Body Corporate and the owner’s committee in the best and most efficient manner. Serving property owners is our priority.

Compared with other building management companies, we charge a more reasonable fee and provide sufficient opening hours to suit the needs of landlords and tenants. Full-time or part-time management options are available to meet the owner’s committee requirement.

Why choose us as your apartment Building Manager: 


  • The Managing Director has the expertise of over 15 years of experience in managing the residential buildings
  • Qualified and experienced team in the Real Estate industry
  • Our bilingual ability so that it will be more efficient to communicate with occupants and/or owners in the building that speak another language, and will have Body Corporate rules and any matters explained and dealt with more effectively.


  • Reasonable and competitive fees to reduce the owner’s cost.


  • Our strong experience and knowledge in dealing with Body Corporate and building issues proactively and in a time-efficient manner.
  • Our experience with the Tenancy Act and Unit Title Act
  • Our experience with Tenancy Tribunal regarding Tenancy and Unit title matters
  • Familiar with health and safety requirements

Quality of Services

  • Sufficient opening hours to suit the needs of the landlords and the tenants. Our head office opens 6 days a week.
  • Contact service of 24 hours/7days for emergencies.
  • Make sure the appearance of the building is presentable
  • Ensure a high level of cleaning in the common areas
  • Listen to the owners and tenants for any building or Body Corporate issue, and give practical solutions to remedy the matters
  • Ensure everything meets the building compliance requirement
  • To attend the Body Corp meeting at your request
  • Tailored services to meet the requirement of the owner’s committee

If you are interested in having us manage your apartment building, please do not hesitate to email: