Free Service:

•  Free Consultation & Rental Apprisal
•  Free initial inspection report
•  Free one month management fee (New Contract)

Low Cost Management Fee:

•  Only 6% + GST

Account Management:

•  All rent will be deposited to our rental trust account
•  Rent paid to your nominated account (monthly / mid-month option )
•  Rent statement emailed monthly, plus an annul summary
•  Reliable property management system adopted

Operating Hours:

•  Our shop is open 6 days a week
(Contactable via email or phone 7 days a week)

Other unique features:

•  Office located in Auckland City
•  Giving landlord full protection by charging tenant 4 week bond
(Maximum amount by law) and select the best tenant
•  We are proud of low vacancy amongst all property we manage
•  We provide trustable and low cost maintenance arrangement
•  Furniture can be arranged and purchased on behalf of the owner
•  Attend tenancy tribunal on behalf the owner when it is necessary
•  Contactable 7 days a week, listen to customer’s suggestion at all time