Things to remember:

Make sure all of your bills are up to date. Cancel services such as electricity, gas or phone, and redirect your mail.

If you’re not sure whether there is any outstanding, contact your property manager.

Moving out cleaning

Your rental property needs to look as good as it did when you first moved in.

Carpet needs to be steam-cleaned as required by most landlords.

We would suggest you use the commercial cleaner as it will save your time and done professionally to meet the original condition. Your property manager can also help you to arrange it on your behalf.

The cost can be deducted from your bond.

Getting the bond back

Your property manager can provide you with a bond refund form. Make sure you give them the correct bank account details so there’s no delay in getting that bond back.

If there are multiple tenants on the agreement make sure everyone signs the form. Clearly indicate what % of the bond refund goes into each account. This is a common cause for delay.

Bond refund can take up to 10 work days to process.