Competitive Management Fees

Auckland City-Living Management Ltd is very confident that we provide a lower fee to ensure owners receiving a greater return on your investment properties. We only charge owner 6% +GST on your weekly rent to manage the investment property or lower if we manage more properties for the same owner. This is a great saving for owners.

No charge on paying Body Corporate Fee or Council Levy. 

We are not like other companies, they charge you a fee to process water bill, council or Body Corporate Bill. This is a smaller amount. However, it could cost a few hundred dollars more per annually. We guarantee there is no charge to our landlord when we process Water Bill, Council Levy, or Body Corporate bill on your behalf.

Finding A Tenant 

In addition to finding tenants more quickly, this will also increase your profit than using other agency. Our vacancy rate is quite low throughout the year.

Not like other agencies, they charge one-week rent plus GST or add an additional monthly Administration Fee to you for recovering the cost of looking for a new tenant; We only charge a small fee to find a tenant for you. That is another saving for you.

Maintenance Fee

Another cost to consider is the maintenance fee charged by the agency. Auckland City-Living Management Ltd also charges lower than other companies. Therefore your total saving will be more than what listed above when you choose us to manage your property.

Are you only benefited with a lower cost with us?

Apart from saving on fees,  we watch the market rate. Therefore landlords are also getting a good rent for your property to increase your return if we manage your property. We do a rent review from time to time, and increase the rent when the time is appropriate

Customer satisfaction is the key for our business. We value each Owner and we will try to tailor our services to suit the needs of each owner.

What makes our service different from other property managers?

Many property managers in other companies only focus on looking after Landlords, but ignore the needs of tenants. For landlords you may feel that your property manager is really managing your property well. However, has your tenant been looked after? Are they really happy?  The recent Tenancy Law changes have made the landlord need to take extra care of the tenant and comply with the New Healthy Homes Standards accounced by the government in 2019. As a REINZ accredited agency, we will ensure your tenant looked after and your property meeting the requriement of the govenment.

We not only working hard for Landlords, but also looking after your tenants. We will act immediately when your tenants report a maintenance problem such as toilet leak, or any appliance stops working. We would like to create a “home” for tenant rather than just a “place” to stay. We understand that we must meet our obligation when deal with tenancy matter.

We also believe that if the tenants are happy about our services, it will encourage them to stay. We are not like other companies which just focus on income. They may not care about getting a long term tenant for Landlords and happiness of the tenants.

Auckland City-Living would give our landlords “total care” and always aim to find best tenants. Our Culture is to focus on the compliments from both owners and tenants. We will not only look after your property and income, but also give “total care” to your tenants.